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Canada Drugs Closed...What Now?

Wednesday 8 August 2018
Canadian Pharmacy
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As prescription drug prices continue to rise, paying for medication is one of the biggest challenges faced by average Americans. For people affected by high costs and long wait times at local pharmacies, offered a much-needed alternative. As one of the most popular Canadian online pharmacies, Canada Drugs spent years helping patients in the U.S. buy affordable medication that was delivered right to their doors.                        

Before Canada Drugs

In the late 1990s before the rise of ecommerce, Americans had few options to the overpriced system. It was common for U.S. citizens living close to Canada to travel across the border to fill their prescriptions for less. But this solution required a significant time investment, and wasn’t an option for the large number of Americans living farther south.

Founding Canadian Online Pharmacies

Founded in 2001 by Kris Thorkelson, was one of the first sites to address the prescription drug crisis in America. Canada Drugs and other popular sites like Canada Drug Center made it possible for all Americans to access the lower prices available in other countries. On top of significant savings, these Canadian online pharmacies helped customers save the time spent traveling to pharmacies and waiting in line. Placing an order could be done online or over the phone, and prescriptions were delivered directly to the patient’s door.


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Affordable Drugs and Better Service

With responsive customer service and large selection of brand-name and generic drugs, Canada Drugs quickly grew in popularity. Their head office in Winnipeg expanded, and the organization built relationships with partnering international pharmacies.

In addition to filling millions of orders for discounted prescription drugs, Canada Drugs offered convenience and care. Low price guarantees, free shipping, and a referral rewards program earned loyalty and kept customers coming back. With this combination of fair prices and reliable service, Canada Drugs became one of the largest and most trusted international prescription services.

Canada Drugs Closes

Unfortunately, several trusted sites like Canada Drugs and Canada Drug Center closed for good in 2018. This was a huge blow to the regular customers who relied on them for affordable maintenance medication. There are still other online pharmacies operating, but many people feel confused about who they can trust.

Canadian Med Center: Your New Trusted Pharmacy

Canadian Med Center is the most popular option for patients that need to fill the void left by Canada Drugs and Canada Drug Center. We offer the same great service and even lower prices on many popular prescription drugs. Canadian Med Center takes all possible measures to protect patient safety. A valid prescription is required with each order (where applicable), and all of our licensed pharmacies and international fulfillment centers have been approved by the regulatory bodies in their respective countries.

Canadian Med Center offers a truly modern pharmacy experience. With a mobile-friendly site that’s easy to navigate, ordering online is quick and simple. If you have questions or concerns, the responsive CareTeam is available 7 days a week via phone, email, chat or text message.

Canada Drugs closing was a sad event for its patients. At Canadian Med Center, we’re confident we can fill their important role in patients' lives. With low prices, strict safety protocols, and dedicated customer support, Canadian Med Center is more than prepared to become your new prescription provider.

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