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Mometasone Nasal Spray (Generic)
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Nasonex is an anti-inflammatory corticosteroid drug prescribed to treat symptoms of allergic rhinitis and nasal polyps like sneezing, nasal itching and stuffy nose. This drug is a nasal spray that can be used by both adults and children above the two years of age. The safety and efficacy of Nasonex has not been determined for the children below the two years of age and in children below the eighteen years of age for the treatment of nasal polyps. Nasonex has been approved by majority of the drug regulatory authorities for controlling the symptoms due to allergic rhinitis. It works by reducing swelling and inflammation in the nasal passages and prevents the release of chemicals from the cells of the nasal passages.


It is necessary to use Nasonex as recommended by doctors for getting the desired benefits. Dosage strength may vary from patient to patient depending upon age, medical condition and medical history.

  • In children age 12 years and above and in adults, the recommended dosage for treating nasal allergies is two sprays in a day taken in each nostril.
  • For preventing seasonal and perennial allergies as well, the same dosage is recommended in the same age group. However, start the medication two to four weeks before the beginning of allergy season.
  • For children lying in age bracket of 2-11 years, the recommended dosage for treating both nasal and seasonal allergies is one spray taken in each nostril on daily basis.
  • For adults of 18 years and above, the recommended dosage of nasal polyps is two sprays in each nostril and taken two times in a day. The medication is not recommended to children.

Nasonex Missed and Over dosage

If patients have missed the regular dosage, they are advised to take the dosage as soon as they remember it. If it is the time to take next dosage, skip the missed dosage and resume with regular dosing schedule. Do not take more than one dose in a day to compensate the missed dosage.

Over dosage of Nasonex do not lead to life threatening results; however it is advised to seek medical consultation on immediately.

Mometasone Storage

Store the drug at cool and dry place and at room temperature. Keep the bottle in upright position and away from heat, light and moisture. Do not freeze it. Keep it away from reach of children.


Before taking Nasonex, it is vital to be aware of Nasonex warnings and precautions to reduce the risk of side effects and maximize the therapeutic outcome. Some important warnings and precautions associated with Nasonex are:

  • The medicine is administered in the nose.
  • Avoid getting spray in your eyes. If spray goes into eyes, wash eyes immediately and call to doctor.
  • Before using spray, clean its plastic nozzle carefully.
  • Do not make attempts of enlarging its tiny spray hole with any sharp object.
  • Discard the bottle within two months of opening it as it may be contaminated with bacteria or dirt.

If patients are suffering from any of the following medical conditions, consultation with doctor is a necessary before using it:

  • Infection in nasal passages or sinuses
  • Tuberculosis affecting lungs
  • Recently undergone nasal surgery or any injury to nose
  • Herpes simplex virus of eyes
  • Glaucoma or cataract

Nasonex is strictly not recommended if patients are:

  • Pregnant or breast-feeding
  • Allergic to its active and inactive ingredients
  • Treating allergies in children under 6 years of age
  • Treating nasal polyps in children below 18 years of age
Side Effects

Like any other drug, certain side-effects are associated with Nasonex. Common side-effects are mild in nature and do not need any medical intervention. Some of the most common side-effects of the drug include:

  • Headaches
  • Viral infections
  • Coughing
  • Nosebleeds
  • Sore throat
  • Muscle or bone pain

Some of the serious side-effects which demand immediate medical intervention are:

  • Signs of allergic reaction like unexplained rash, hives, itching, etc.
  • Frequent or severe nosebleeds
  • Sores in nose that won’t heal
  • Trouble in breathing or wheezing
  • Fever, chills, flu like symptoms
  • Vision problems

Drug Interactions of Mometasone

Very few drugs are known to interact with Nasonex. For instance, if patients are using any medicines containing corticosteroids like eye drops, tablets, asthma inhaler, etc., they are advised to use Mometasone nasal only after a doctor’s recommendation. Similarly, if patients are taking any prescription, non-prescription, herbal or vitamin supplements they should disclose them to a doctor before administering the drug.

Nasonex Important Precautions and Warnings

Before taking Nasonex, it is vital to be aware of Nasonex warnings and precautions to reduce the risk of side effects and maximize the therapeutic outcome. Some important warnings and precautions associated with Nasonex are:

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