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Canada Drug Center Customer Testimonials

For many Americans, it can be difficult to find a pharmacy that is willing to provide both excellent service and reasonably priced medications.

Not all businesses go that extra mile, but we do! We believe it’s better to let the experiences of our past and present customers speak for themselves. That’s why we chose to interview over a dozen customers who were willing to talk about the experiences they shared with us and why our Canadian Pharmacy is worth it.

Read on to explore these experiences and find out why our pharmacy makes such an impact on our customers lives.
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By Amanda, B Monticello, AZ — November, 2019
I save almost $12,000 annually.

I save close to $12,000 per year by ordering through you. That’s just on one prescription. The impact ordering from you has had on my life is really great, it’s much easier than going to the pharmacy, and you guys have made it really easy for me to just make a phone call and get my prescription. Before using you, I would have to stand in long lines at the pharmacy, wait days for the prescription to be ready, and deal with rude pharmacists, so it wasn’t a great experience. Before my first order with you I was a little skeptical about buying my medications online since I’d never done it before, but now I’m very comfortable and very happy with the process. I would tell other Americans who are trying to decide if they want to use you to definitely give you a call and use your service. I love that I get reminders when it’s time to refill my medication. I get those refill reminder emails and that really helps me stay on track.

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By Donald, S Charolette, NC — November, 2019
Gives me peace of mind.

By ordering through Canadian Med Center, I save about $3000 annually. I only get one of my prescriptions locally now. Financially, things are much easier, and the simple orders give me peace of mind. Before my doctor referred me to you guys, getting my medications was a financial burden. It's private and easy to order. You do need a prescription from your doctor to order.

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By Christy, M Houston, TX — November, 2019
Really quick and easy.

I save over $100 by ordering through Canadian Med Center instead of my local pharmacy. It's very quick and easy, and I always appreciate the price match policy you guys have. Now that I don't have regular insurance, I have to order from an online pharmacy. It's really quick and easy, and the prices are really good compared to the local pharmacy.

Before using Canadian Med Center, I had never used an online pharmacy, but my doctor recommended it, so I felt more at ease and comfortable with it. I would highly recommend that other Americans looking for an online pharmacy order from you.

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By Dawn, K Santa Clara, CA — November, 2019
Very easy!

I save about $400 annually on my one prescription that I take. The first time that I ordered, it was a little tricky getting everything scanned and set up. This time was my first refill and it was fairly easy to do. Before discovering you, I just got this particular medication from my doctor’s office, as it’s hard to find it for sale at local pharmacies. The experience of getting it from my doctor was very easy, but it was very expensive. The process of ordering through you is very easy, and to be honest I prefer doing this versus trying to get it from my doctor. I still have to get the prescription from my doctor, but getting the medication though this method is convenient. Before ordering, I was nervous because I had ordered from another online pharmacy in Mexico before and it gave me issues. So, when I first called you, I was worried about the sourcing of the medication, but you were able to give me some information on where the drug was shipping from. This one works very well, so I’ve had no issues with it. I would definitely recommend you to others. I would tell them to certainly try out your service at least once and see how convenient it is.

I also want to mention that I appreciate the refill reminders, even though I get them a little more often than I need, I appreciate the fact that I have a reminder to tell me that my prescription is about to expire, and that I should use my last refill before that date. Otherwise, I’d have to go back to my doctor to get another prescription without having refilled this one. That’s what prompted me to make the call today and refill it. It’s great.

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By Wayne, K Montevideo, MN — November, 2019
Less expensive, just as effective.

On a yearly basis, Canadian Med Center saves me probably about $1000 or $1200 on the one medication I order from you. I know that ordering has impacted me in the sense that it’s saved me some money. Before you guys, the cost was just too high. The expense was too high, so I started to go with different ways, and then eventually with you guys. I don’t mind buying online. I wasn’t really worried about using you for the first time, since my doctor also uses you to order online. It’s very inexpensive- more inexpensive than the United States. Your services are less expensive, just as effective, and I would say easy to get a hold of. You guys have been easy to work with and I’ve never had any problems.

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By Marion, S Gilbert, LA — November, 2019
Positive impact on my life.

I’m not too sure exactly how much I save when using Canadian Med Center, since I’ve been ordering from you for at least 3 years. I know that it’s a significant amount though, probably between $300 and $500 compared to the local cost. It’s definitely made a positive impact on my life. The refill reminder calls and emails remind me to refill in time so that I don’t run out of my medication without realizing. I used to order through my local pharmacy before discovering you. Ordering through your service has simplified the process and made ordering medication online a more attractive option. On my first order, I was concerned about giving my payment information, and used the check option. I don’t worry about that any more though- I just pay with the direct withdrawal option. I would tell anyone trying to decide if they want to use you to go with the direct withdrawal payment option since it’s the simplest. I would also tell them not to be afraid to order your medications a little bit early. The shipping does take a little while, so it’s best to order early when you get the reminder. The service is dependable.

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By Lori, K Reynoldsburg, OH — November, 2019
It’s a blessing.

My medication is really hard to find at a consistent price here. So, when I was getting it, it was at a compound pharmacy and I would say the price was similar. But I would say through you I’m saving about $40 every 30 days, or just under $500 per year. Since I have gastroperesis, this is the only medication that works for my condition. It’s a blessing that I can get it from this company because I would probably be in the hospital more often than not. Prior to discovering you, I just had the compound pharmacy that I got my prescription from. At the start, I was a little hesitant since I never ordered a prescription from somewhere else or another state or anything like that. So, I was a little nervous about how it was going to work and what kind of medicine I was going to get and things like that. But, since I’ve used you guys, I’ve probably ordered 6 or more prescriptions since. If someone asked me about your company, I would tell them that I trust your company and the people I deal with and I’ve only had one problem with my medicine where it had to be shipped from somewhere else. It wasn’t available and it took an extremely long time to get it. But that was just one time out of 8, or something like that. I would definitely tell them to use it and that you’re trustworthy, and the product is good. Every time I call, usually all my questions are answered and everyone is really patient. I’ve never had an issue with anyone.

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By Charles, J Farmersville, OH — November, 2019
I save several hundred dollars.

By using your service instead of my local pharmacy, I save several hundred dollars. In the beginning, I was a little concerned about the legitimacy of Canadian Med Center, but after the first time I had no concerns and have been ordering for several years now. My experience with Canadian Med Center has been very good. They’re reliable. Payment and the order process have always been easy. I recommend that everyone checks out Canadian Med Center.  As someone on a fixed income this has been very good for me.